Tired of paying huge costs to have your heat pump cleaned?

In recent years it has been brought to light that both centrally ducted and ductless heat pumps are a perfect breeding ground for mold and other airborne pollutants.  The most common solution to combat this problem is having your systems regularly cleaned and disinfected.  The cost of this service ranges from $99-$180 per ductless wall unit and can be quite costly if you happen to have several ductless heat pumps in different areas of your home.  Although cleaning and disinfecting your heat pump is a good solution to limit the amount of mold buildup, the mold will come back and the cleaning will need to be repeated on an annual basis, which means that other than when your system is newly cleaned and disinfected the mold is present and continues to grow.  There are several products available that will heavily reduce mold buildup or eradicate it all together; making your air quality cleaner and safer all year long.

Ionizers, air purifiers and UV lights are the most common products that help to eliminate and reduce mold growth in heat pump systems.  Whether you have a centrally ducted heat pump or ductless there are air quality products available for all makes and models.

The Carrier Infinity Air Purifier is a whole-home solution that can be added to your centrally ducted heat pump, air conditioner or gas/oil furnace. It uses Captures & Kills technology to inactivate 99% of select airborne pathogens trapped by the filter, including the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, bacteria and other pathogens like mold and pet dander. 

Systems staring at $1695+HST

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The iWave-M is an air purifying device that installs in mini split heat pump systems. When air passes over the iWave, ions produced by the device reduce pathogens, allergens, particles, smoke and odors in the air, creating a healthy environment without producing any harmful byproducts.

Systems staring at $695+HST (Discounts available for multiple units)

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UV lamps from Carrier are designed to kill the mold and bacteria that can grow in the moist environment of your centrally ducted heat pump or air conditioner  to help keep your system efficient and clean air flowing.

The indoor coil of your heat pump is part of what cools your home, but it and its drain pan can also be a favourite hangout of mold and bacteria. Growth of these organisms can affect efficiency and reduce airflow. They can even become airborne.

Systems staring at $595+HST 

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